General Info

Baldari Cosima Tatiana - Full Professor/Professore Ordinario (Director/Direttore)


Office/Ufficio: +39 (0)577 234400

Laboratory/Laboratorio: +39 (0)577 234396

Fax: +39 (0)577 234476

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Research Group

Nico Giommoni, Nagaja Capitani, Orso Maria Lucherini, Cosima Tatiana Baldari, Silvia Rossi Paccani, Francesca Finetti, Laura Patrussi, Giulia Masi, Cristina Ulivieri, Daniela Fanigliulo, Maria Teresa Savino, Micol Ferro

Research Interest

The activity of the lab is focused on the functional dissection of signal transduction pathways in lymphocyte activation and apoptosis and dysregulation of these processes un lymphoproliferative, immunodeficiency and pathogen-related diseases.

Current research topics include:

* Characterization of the Shc family of protein adapters in the immune system
* Modulation of antigen receptor signaling by bacterial toxins as a strategy of immune evasion
* Regulation of membrane trafficking at the immune synapse by the intraflagellar transport system

Curriculum Vitae


1976           Doctoral graduation with honors in Biological Sciences - University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Rome, Italy


Current position:

Full Professor of Molecular Biology  University of Siena, Italy


Previous positions:

1976-1978           Post-doctoral research associate - Centro Acidi Nucleici CNR, Rome, Italy

1978-1980           Post-doctoral long-term EMBO fellow - EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany

1981-1986           Staff scientist -Department of Genetics and Molecular Biology  University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Italy

1983                    Visiting scientist - EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany

1986-1998           Staff scientist - Department of Evolutionary Biology University of Siena, Italy

1998-2000           Associate Professor of Molecular Biology - University of Siena, Italy

2000-to date        Full Professor of Molecular Biology -University of Siena, Italy

Head of the Laboratory of Molecular Immunology, Department of Evolutionary Biology, University of Siena, Italy

2000-to date        Chair of the Molecular and Cellular Biology section of the PhD School of Evolutionary Biology

2009-to date        Chair of the Department of Evolutionary Biology, University of Siena, Italy


Organization of courses and meetings

1994                                       Organizer of a EC COMET course “PCR technology and its                         applications”. Siena, Italy, May 23-26

1997,1999,2002,2004            Organizer of the EMBO Workshop “Lymphocyte antigen receptor and coreceptor signaling”. Siena, Italy

2007, 2009, 2011                   Organizer of the EMBO Conference Series “Signaling in the immune system”. Siena, Italy



  • Editorial Board European Journal of Immunology (1995-2005)
  • Reviewer for Blood, Journal of Biological Chemistry, EMBO Reports, FEBS Letters, The Journal of Cell Physioogyl, Human Mutation, Tissue and Cell, Biochemical Pharmacology, PNAS USA, Oncogene, Brain Research, Molecular and Cellular Biology, The Journal of Experimental Medicine, The Journal of Immunology, The Journal of Clinical Investigation, PLoS Pathogens, Nature-AfCS Molecule Pages, Nature, Leukemia.
  • Member of the Italian Society of Biophysics and Molecular Biology and of the Italian Society of Immunology and Immunoallergology
  • Member of the AIRC Scientific Board
  • Expert for the evaluation of the following grant schemes: EU FP4-7, INTAS, Wellcome Trust, Austrian Science Fund, Israel Science Foundation, Italian National Institute of Health, Italian Association for Cancer Research
  • Supervisor in the Open University PhD Program


Selected Publications

1.      BONCRISTIANO M, ROSSI PACCANI S, BARONE S, ULIVIERI C, PATRUSSI L, ILVER D, AMEDEI A, D'ELIOS MM, TELFORD JL, BALDARI CT. (2003). The Helicobacter pylori vacuolating toxin inhibits T-cell activation by two independent mechanisms. J Exp Med 198, 1887-1897.

2.      ROSSI PACCANI S, PATRUSSI L, ULIVIERI C, MASFERRER JL, D'ELIOS MM, BALDARI CT. (2005). Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs inhibit a Fyn dependent pathway coupled to Rac and stress kinase activation in TCR signaling. Blood 105, 2042-2048.

3.      ROSSI PACCANI S, TONELLO F, GHITTONI R, NATALE M, MURARO L, D'ELIOS MM, TANG W-J, MONTECUCCO C, BALDARI CT. (2005). Anthrax toxins suppress T-lymphocyte activation by disrupting antigen receptor signaling. J Exp Med 201, 325-331.

4.      ROSSI PACCANI S, BONCRISTIANO M, PATRUSSI L, ULIVIERI C, WACK A, VALENSIN S, HIRST TR, AMEDEI A, DEL PRETE G, TELFORD JL, D'ELIOS MM, BALDARI CT.  (2005). Defective Vav expression and impaired F-actin reorganization in a subset of common variable immunodeficiency patients with T-cell defects. Blood 106, 626-634.

5.      PATRUSSI L, ULIVIERI C, LUCHERINI OM, ROSSI PACCANI S, GAMBERUCCI A, LANFRANCONE L, PELICCI PG, BALDARI CT. (2007). p52Shc is required for CXCR4-dependent signaling and chemotaxis in T-cells. Blood 110, 1730-1738.

6.      FINETTI F, PELLEGRINI M, ULIVIERI C, SAVINO MT, PACCAGNINI E, GINANNESCHI C, LANFRANCONE L, PELICCI PG, BALDARI CT. (2008). The proapoptotic and antimitogenic protein p66Shc acts as a negative regulator of lymphocyte activation and autoimmunity. Blood 111, 5017-5027.

7.      SAVINO MT, ORTENSI B, ULIVIERI C, FANIGLIULO D, FERRO M, PACCAGNINI E, LAZZI S, OSTI D, PELICCI G, BALDARI CT. (2009). Rai (ShcC) acts as a negative regulator of autoimmunity by inhibiting lymphocyte activation and survival. J Immunol 182, 301-308.

8. ROSSI PACCANI S, BENAGIANO M, TONELLO F, CAPITANI N, LADANT D, MONTECUCCO C, D'ELIOS MM, BALDARI CT. (2009). The adenylate cyclase toxins of Bacillus anthracis and Bacillus pertussis promote Th2 cell differentiation by shaping T cell antigen receptor signaling. PLoS Path 5, e1000325. doi: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1000325

9.      FINETTI F, ROSSI PACCANI S, RIPARBELLI MG, GIACOMELLO E, PERINETTI G, PAZOUR GJ, ROSENBAUM J, BALDARI CT. (2009). An intraflagellar transport component is required for polarized recycling of the TCR/CD3 complex to the immune synapse. Nat Cell Biol 11, 1332-1339.

10.  CAPITANI N, LUCHERINI OM, SOZZI E, FERRO M, GIOMMONI N, FINETTI F, DE FALCO G, CENCINI E, RASPADORI D, PELICCI PG, LAURIA F, FORCONI F, BALDARI CT. (2010). Impaired expression of p66Shc, a novel regulator of B-cell survival, in chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Blood 115, 3726-3736.