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NAME Lupetti, Pietro

POSITION TITLE Associate Professor Parasitology

University of Siena    Bsc     1988    Biology       
University of Siena    PhD    1993    Invertebrate Cell Biology    
Positions and Honors.
Positions and Employment
2001-2005    Permanent Research Fellow, Department of Evolutionary Biology at Siena University
2005-to date    Associate Professor Parasitology, Department of Evolutionary Biology, Faculty of Sciences, Siena, Italy
2009-to date    Head of the Laboratory of Electron Microscopy, Department of Evolutionary Biology, University of Siena, Italy
2009-to date     Vice-Chair of the Department of Evolutionary Biology, University of Siena, Italy
Other Experience and Professional Memberships
1995        American Society for Cell Biology
1998        Italian Society for Pure and Applied Biophysics
2000        Italian Union of Zoologists
2007        European Microscopy Society
2007        Italian Society of Microscopy Sciences

Research Support.
Ongoing Research Support
Telethon (Italy) GGP07269 (Lupetti) PI        17/03/08-17/09/11
High resolution structural study of the in situ and purified intraflagellar transport (IFT) complex: key molecular machinery essential for ciliogenesis and the cellular basis for PKD (polycystic kidney disease).
This research is devoted to study the ultrastructure of Intraflagellar Transport complexes by electron tomography and single particle analyses.

MPS 35578 2008 (Lupetti) PI             11/2008–10/2011
Modellistica 3D ad alta risoluzione di complessi macromolecolari di interesse biomedico per lo sviluppo di terapie innovative e nuovi vaccini.
The project is focused on high resolution 3D modeling of biological macro molecular complexes of interest towards the realization of novel vaccines

Completed Research Support
PRIN 2002051513 (Dallai) PI            12/16/02 - 12/16/04
Structure and function of invertebrate male germ cells.
This project was aiming to collect new data on the functional morphology and evolution of insect sperm cell
Role: Co-investigator

PRIN 2004050349 (Lupetti) PI         11/30/2004 – 11/30/2006
High resolution structural studies of in situ and purified flagellar components.
The proposed research was directed toward obtaining high resolution 3D models of flagellar axonemal components, namely, in situ Outer Dynein Arms (ODAs), isolated Radial Spokes (RS) and IntraFlagellar Transport (IFT) particles.
Role: PI

Organization (and co-chair) of courses and meetings.
1991     Dept of Zoology, University of Coimbra, Portugal, 1991. Introduction to electron microscopy     and biochemical systematics in insects.
1992     Dip. Biologia Evolutiva. Siena. ‘Corso teorico-pratico in tecniche di criofissazione e     criosostituzione’.
1999     Nap-MEPA ESALQ, University of Sao Paolo. Piracicaba, Brazil. ‘Techniques of Electron     Microscopy in Entomology and Insect Ultrastructure’.
2000     UENF, Rio de Janeiro. Cell biology and ultrastructure of invertebrates.
2004     CNR Pisa. NATO programme: From cells to Proteins: Imaging nature across dimensions.
2006     NIHE, Hanoi. Vietnam. Electron Microscopy Course.

Selected Publications

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