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Spinsanti Giacomo - Technician/Tecnico


Office/Ufficio: +39 (0)577 234420

Laboratory/Laboratorio: +39 (0)577 234398

Fax: +39 (0)577 234476

Skype: giacomo.spinsanti

Research Interest

Molecular Eco-Toxicology, especially for what concerns adaptation of animal species to environmental pollution.

Molecular phylogeny of basal hexapods (apterygotans)

Origin, evolution and population structure of Antarctic Collembola

I am interested in Real-Time PCR methodology and I collaborate with several research groups and private companies in several research projects that share this methodology.

Curriculum Vitae

Personal information:

Born: September 29th 1975 in Grosseto (Italy)

Nationality: Italian

Present institutional address:

Department of Evolutionary Biology

University of Siena

Via Aldo Moro, 2 – 53100 Siena, Italy


October 16th  2000: Degree with honors in Biological Sciences (University of Siena). Thesis title: Genetic variability and differentiation in populations of Isotoma klovstadi (Insecta, Collembola, Isotomidae) from Victoria Land, Antarctica. Advisor: Prof. Francesco Frati.

December  2002: Master in Evolutionary Biology (University of Siena).

December  2004: PhD in Evolutionary Biology (University of Siena).

Thesis title: Molecular markers for the assessment of heavy metal pollution effects in populations of Orchesella villosa. Advisor: Prof. Francesco Frati.


2001-2004: Graduate scholarship of the University of Siena for attending the Graduate School in Evolutionary Biology. Project title: Use of Collembolans as bio-markers for detecting heavy metal pollution.

2003: Marie Curie fellowship (6 months) at the Vrjie University, Amsterdam.

International experiences:

2003: Marie Curie fellow at the laboratory of Molecular Biology, Department of Animal Ecology, Vrjie University (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). “Chemical Speciation, Biological Availability and Ecotoxicological Effects of Contaminants in Soil and Water”; SENSE Research School. Advisor: Prof. Nico Van Straalen.

Project title: Isolation and characterization of a cadmium-dependent metallothionein in Orchesella villosa (Hexapoda; Collembola).

International collaborations:

Prof. Nico Van Straalen, Prof. Dick Roelofs (Vrjie University Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Prof. Celine Godard (University of Texas, Texas)

Prof. Mark Stevens (Monash University, Victoria, Australia)

TATAA Biocenter



2000-2004: Technical Assistant for the courses of Zoology, Introductive Biology, Laboratory of Experimental Biology (Degree in Biological Sciences, University of Siena)

2006: Teacher in the course “Methods for the determination of genetic variability” (Course in Biology, University of Siena)

2004-2008: Introduction to Bioinformatics (Master in Bioinformatics, University of Siena)

2008-2010: Organizer of the Scientific Meeting and Course: “Technical and Biostatistical approaches in quantitative Real-Time PCR” hold at the University of Siena, Polo Scientifico Didattico di San Miniato.

2008-2010: Invited speaker at Bio-Rad seminars and courses on Real-Time PCR methodology

Selected Publications

1. Nardi F., Spinsanti G., Boore J., Carapelli A., Dallai R. & Frati F.
Hexapods Origins: Monophyletic or Paraphyletic?
Science, 299: 1887-1889. (2003)

2. Nardi F., Spinsanti G., Boore J., Carapelli A., Dallai R. & Frati F. Response to Comment on Hexapod origins: monophyletic or polyphyletic? Science, 301: 1482. (2003)

3. Spinsanti G., Nardi F. & Frati F.
Isolation of novel micro satellite loci in Orchesella villosa (Arthropoda, Collembola)
Pedobiologia, 50: 105-109. (2006)

4. Spinsanti G., Panti C., Lazzeri E., Marsili L., Casini S., Frati F. & Fossi M.C.
Selection of reference genes for quantitative RT-PCR studies in striped dolphin (Stenella coeruleoalba) skin biopsies.
BMC Mol. Biol., 7:32. (2006)

5. Stevens M.I., Frati F., Mc Gaughran A., Spinsanti G. & Hogg I.D.
Phylogeographic structure suggests multiple glacial refugia in northern Victoria Land for the endemic Antarctic springtail Desoria klovstadi (Collembola, Isotomidae)
Zool. Scripta, 36:2. (2007)

6. Spinsanti G., Panti C., Bucalossi D., Marsili L., Casini S., Frati F. and Fossi M.C. Selection of reliable reference genes for qRT-PCR studies on cetacean fibroblast cultures exposed to OCs, PBDEs, and 17beta-estradiol. Aquat Toxicol 87, 178-86. (2008)

7. Cappelli K., Felicetti M., Capomaccio S., Spinsanti G., Silvestrelli M. and Supplizi A.V. Exercise induced stress in horses: Selection of the most stable reference genes for quantitative RT-PCR normalization. BMC Mol. Biol. 9:49 (2008)

8. Spinsanti G, Zannolli R, Panti C, Ceccarelli I, Marsili L, Bachiocco V, Frati F, Aloisi AM.
Quantitative Real-Time PCR detection of TRPV1-4 gene expression in human leukocytes from healthy and hyposensitive subjects.
Mol Pain. 2008 Nov 4;4:51

9. Fossi MC, Urban J, Casini S, Maltese S, Spinsanti G, Panti C, Porcelloni S, Panigada S, Lauriano G, Niño-Torres C, Rojas-Bracho L, Jimenez B, Muñoz-Arnanz J, Marsili L.
A multi-trial diagnostic tool in fin whale (Balaenoptera physalus) skin biopsies of the Pelagos Sanctuary (Mediterranean Sea) and the Gulf of California (Mexico).
Mar Environ Res. 2010;69 Suppl:S17-20. Epub 2009 Nov 13

10. Vannini L, Ciolfi S, Spinsanti G, Panti C, Frati F, Dallai R.
The putative-farnesoic acid O-methyl transferase (FAMeT) gene of Ceratitis capitata: characterization and pre-imaginal life expression.
Arch Insect Biochem Physiol. 2010 Feb;73(2):106-17.